Facebook Party Hub

Here is an outline of the flow of your FB parties based on Jenn's video! I hope you find it useful. I put some fluff in there for you to make it fun! Just enjoy yourself. She actually washes her face during the party WITH them! What a great idea! I put the tic tac toe sheet and referral sheet in the sample bags with a book now. I'm using the fall and winter books right now to get rid of them. Mail them in poly mailers--flat. (amazon).

ALL the things about maximizing Facebook and your VIP group for your MK business ... and really - ultimately using social media to grow MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS!

POSTS we can pull from for our FB PARTIES!!! If you use these, please change some of the wording otherwise fb catches on to the copying of posts and the likelihood of them being seen goes down (and we can be locked out even)!

You can copy (with changes) these posts to your FB GROUP PARTIES. Schedule them out. I would create the group 2-3 weeks out to get samples to your guests. Then start posting 10 days out. About 2-4 posts per day (with heavier posts as party gets closer). Make sure you google "Facebook engagement posts" and find a couple engagement game posts (like what's your flower name/disney name/ snowman name/favorite show-- seasonal) to add to your party....

Make sure to tag party members in some of the posts so that they gain exposure and party members know to play along!


What gets mailed out:

  • TimeWise 3D samples comb/oily and normal to dry

  • Repair samples (if not sending 3D)

  • Charcoal Mask sample

  • Microdermabrasion (as a bonus)

  • Add Business Card

  • Set Sheet (from 4Ps training)

  • Look Book if willing!


Click here for these cute Watercolor Envelopes!

You can send with stamps or use Pirate Ship and it'll arrive in 1-3 business days.