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Team building starts with seeing faces!  My best advice for building a team is to complete your Power Start of seeing 30 faces in 30 days.  

Share your heart-felt, inspiring I-Story at those appointments.  Share the company marketing plan with everyone!  No pre-judging.  


Then follow-up!  Ask them for an interview/coffee chat/second appointment that either you or your director will do within 48 hours of that facial. 


That's how it all starts. When you are intentional about sharing not just the product but the OPPORTUNITY at the initial appointment, then you can follow up with her, grow your team, and step into leadership!

Script for Scheduling:

            Hi___________ this is _____________ with Mary Kay and I am calling because I am SOO excited about a Challenge my Mary Kay unit  is working on and I am committed to contributing  to the team plus it helps with my own training.   I am sure you are not interested in becoming a Mary Kay consultant and that’s ok.. because It really is not for everyone, however,  if you would be willing to help me by just listening to the information and give some feedback  your name would be entered to win $500 in cash PLUS you would receive a half price item (OR Free color item).  There is NO Obligation and it takes about 45 mins.  We have set aside time on  Mondays  and Thursdays at 515pm and 8pm which one of those times would work best for you?

Team Building:


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