My Mary Kay story began back in college. A childhood friend of mine had recently signed up to be a consultant and introduced me to the product and the business.  I loved the product and when she shared with me that consultants keep 50% of all their sales - I decided to join on the spot.  As a 19 year old student, even an extra $10 a week was exciting enough to intrigue me to jump in! I was too dumb to doubt myself and looking back - I'm so thankful for that!  As a Mary Kay consultant I was able to quit my nannying and waitressing jobs.  Mary Kay paid all my bills and helped me grow my confidence all throughout my college career.  I might even say that it prepared me to be a teacher (what I ended up pursuing) better than my college education - which was wonderful - but the hands on experience of connecting with others and the personal growth from my business was, and still is, invaluable.

When my college years ended and my teaching career began  - I decided to be what I now call "Mary Kay Undercover".  For the next 7 years I didn't pursue my Mary Kay - but instead, only placed 1 order a year.  There are no quotas in Mary Kay, and I only placed my 1 order a year to keep my discount and make sure I had my favorite product - eye makeup remover (it's truly the BEST in the world!). I thoroughly enjoyed teaching high schoolers and I never really considered picking my Mary Kay back up. 


However, late 2010 we found out we were pregnant and I'd always planned on being a stay-at-home mom, but promptly after birthing our precious baby girl - I went back to teaching.  We needed the income and it wasn't really an option to quit unless we wanted to drastically change our lifestyle.

Dropping my daughter off at 5:30 in the morning and picking her up at 5:30 in the evening was exhausting to say the least. We would come home and both be tired. We would fall asleep on the couch, wake up, make dinner, and we would turn around the next day and do the same thing.


I started to lose a little hope. I started to live for the weekends and summers. I began to think, "this is not how I want to live out my life!" I loved teaching, but that ache in my heart to be with my only child outweighed the need or desire to be with the other 150 students throughout the day. Again, I loved the art of teaching, but when I coupled the desire to be home with my baby along with all the flaws of public education, I thought "you know, there is a plan B here. There is always a plan B!."

Then we found out that we were going to have our second baby! We were looking forward to having two children, but paying for daycare for two kids nearly uses up all of a teaching income.  

About this time I got a call from that same childhood friend of mine to see if I might like to pick my Mary Kay back up again. I knew that it worked because it had during college, but 10 years later in life  I feared as to whether or not I could do it. Was it a viable solution or alternative to teaching? As an adult in my 30s, I was more of a skeptic. However, that same 22 year old who had told me about the opportunity back in college had now achieved retirement level with Mary Kay driving a pink Escalade making $25,000-35,000 per month (with her highest monthly check being $60,000). I remembered how nervous she was when she did the skincare class with my sisters, mom and me! Having known her and how she'd overcome her fears, I thought - I can do this! And, I just wanted to make half of a half of a half of that! hah!


So, I decided to give it a try again with the agreement that I would make at least $500 per month to be able to step away from teaching and still make ends meet. I was able to make $500 just off of the profit from my sales for the last three months of the school year (the first 3 months of my business). Fast forward 6 months from March to October (2012) and I was able to earn a my first Mary Kay car and enter into the top 1% through the leadership program in Mary Kay. I had not been looking for leadership specifically, but I quickly realized that if you share this opportunity with other women the company pays you an additional stream of income. And, turns out- it's super fun to grow a team and help others achieve their goals as well!


By Christmas, we earned our 2nd car - the Chevy Equinox... AND had a baby!  By March 2013, with my second baby being three months old, my unit was able to earn that famous Pink Cadillac (which by the way I never had my eyes on. I thought that it was something that your Aunt Susie's friend Fran earned and I never thought that I would earn it myself.)


That same month that we earned a Cadillac, I earned a commission check of over $11,000. I don't say this to impress you, but just to impress upon you how doable this business is and that Mary Kay really is a lucrative source of income while also keeping your family and faith as top priorities. $11,300 was a LOT of money to me having grown up with a whole lot of love but not always extra money. The extra income Mary Kay has provided for our family has been a blessing - and the flexibility has been priceless!

We put our family events into the calendar first and then I plan out when I'll work my business.  We have been able to move three times for my husband to progress in his career. There are no territories in Mary Kay, so it allows for my business to keep growing as well. You can literally grow your business from anywhere in the US. In fact, we're in 40 nations world-wide at this point. 

I have continued to work my Mary Kay business since having our 2nd baby and we now have 3 precious girls.


This business sustained and continues to GROW and strengthen. Life can be hard, but Mary Kay is simple.

I started my Mary Kay career for a change in income and something fun to do. The second go around, I re-started my business for more hope. For the freedom and flexibility that my family was looking for during that season. I stay in because of the women and the culture that you can't find anywhere else. The other women in Mary Kay elevate you, they are forward thinking, they are problem solvers, they are game changers, and it is a blessing to be around them. I count them as some of my best, and they have supported me and prayed for me through my journey. I never thought the friends, support system and self-growth would be my greatest reward. Being in Mary Kay makes me a better mommy and wife, too! I have more energy, excitement and hope for the future and it's contagious and makes my family better. Feeling thankful for so much today! Excited for the future of my business and the endless opportunities in Mary Kay!!!


Abigail Quinn

Senior Sales Director

Cadillac Unit


My Story