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New Consultant? Seasoned Consultant? Somewhere in-between? Anyone can benefit from trying this out! This is the list of people who are on your "chicken list." Maybe someone you haven't mustered up the courage to reach out to yet or new acquaintances that you've just met. It may be people you haven't thought of from back in high school, that girl from geography class, or the person you met at the dry-cleaners. THIS is the Ongoing Master List. 

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Special thanks to unit member Sydney for creating this fab flyer!

Facial Leads

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Office of the Week

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Makeover Flyer

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Lead Frames


When they text the lead word WIN to my Skipio Account they receive the following message back automatically: (If you don't know what Skipio is, click here for more info (https://www.facebook.com/groups/directortools/permalink/1436797343064520/?comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22O%22%7D )
Thanks for entering the Chocolate Facial Giveaway! Please respond back with the name of the store you entered from to complete your entry. Winners will be picked before the 30th! (Cute Graphic Saying your entered is attached) 
This allows me to know which stores are producing leads and which ones are not.
If you dont use Skipio you could always just respond to them individually as they text your phone number.
These frames are simple and inexpensive , you could definitely make them fancier, but I wanted my consultants to crank these out with little money. Frames are 5x7 and were $1 Each at the Dollar Tree, Bows were 3 for $1 at the Dollar Tree I made 5 Frames for $7. So Simple
A chocolate Facial is a Regular Facial with the chocolate eye palette added into the mix instead of the dash out the door look. I also provide chocolate for my guests to eat :)
I make all of my pictures with www.canva.com so I do not have a pdf
When I send out winners text this is what I send:
Congrats! You entered our giveaway at [name of business] earlier this month. I am excited to tell you that you are one of our winners for the facial session for you plus a friend. Text back the word WINNER if you would like to redeem or text STOP to end all future text messages. 
When they text Winner they get:
Ok great let's get you scheduled! Click this link to pick a day and time that works best for you . (insert calendly link here). (If you don't know what calendly is click here for more infohttps://www.facebook.com/groups/directortools/permalink/1233937663350490/
On that link they will fill out a form for booking, it ask them if they have ever used Mary Kay and if so do they have a current consultant, IF they have a current consultant I send them back to their consultant to redeem the free facial session (there is no other gift certificate with it what so ever so no one has to give away free product) 
Once they book they also fill out a short skincare survey that explains what we do at a MK facial session via a google form