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New Consultant Selling Challenge!

MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE FIRSTNAME part... and change your website.
DO NOT SEND THIS OUT UNTIL the day of your challenge about 915am.
DO NOT POST IT IN YOUR FB GROUP until the designated time.

Do this in your first 24 hours for EXTRA IMPACT!!

Send to everyone in your phone and you may private message your friends on FB (PRIVATELY not publicly).

"Hey, %FirstName% ! 🏼🤗 I'm so excited! Guess who your new Beauty Consultant is? In honor to kick off my new business, I've been challenged to sell 24 items in 24 hours --So… Would you consider purchasing 1-2 items from me? What would you like? Lipgloss? Mascara? Oil-free eye make up remover? New Miracle Set 3D? Microdermabrasion set? Charcoal mask?   Your FAVORITE MK Girl, (your name) here are some ideas below! 🏵  

Once they respond and you find out what and how many, ask if they would like to add an eyeliner or oil free eye makeup remover too? (Whatever is applicable)

"Thank you for supporting the launch of my business!"

If they say no they do not need mascara ask them "ok that is no problem, is there anything else that you may be running low on? Either skin care like face wash or moisturizer or glamour like foundation or blush?"🤗

You can also send them to your website: or send them an ecatalog (on your website homepage at bottom and copy link)

Once they say how many they want/color; total the sale (add retail total and multiply by .0825 for the tax or whatever your local sales tax is) and ask them for their mailing address and credit card info/Venmo or payment . We will process these tomorrow.

Lash intensity Mascara = $18
Oil free eye make up remover = $17
Eyeliner (black brown or steely) = $12
Any other items just pop me a text :)  

If you're doing facebook private message then be sure to get their phone number too. 

The next day if you haven’t heard back from them

“Hey (their name)!  I’m so excited!  Did you receive my text?

Follow-up 3 days after last text.  Set a reminder
Hi (their name)!  There’s still time!  Would you like my website or a digital catalog to shop?

5 days later
Hi (their name)!  I wanted to let you know that my sales challenge has been extended through today!  Would you like an eye makeup remover or mascara to support my goal?