Welcome to our Team Page!

We are the F.I.R.E. Unit, and we are

Fearless in Reaching Excellence!!


Congratulations!! You are part of a TOP unit, and we are constantly growing with amazing women like yourself!!

This site will make it easier to connect since many of you are not local to me. We also have a private Facebook page and Voxer group wherer we support one another, share important news, and post great training information.

Be proud that you are part of a powerful unit that stems from an amazing legacy!

We are part of the D.A.R.E. National Area (Dacia's Area Reaching Excellence). Dacia is my personal friend and recruiter (her biggest love check reaching over $60,000 in one month). She leads with excellence and it is a privilege to have her as our National Director. Dacia has earned over $4 million during her Mary Kay career and broke belief barriers when she debuted as the youngest National Director in Company history at only 26 years old. We come from some good MK genes!!! Get excited about that!! Dacia is still super active in helping our unit succeed which means you'll get some of the BEST training, tips and advice available!!

Our Unit...We are Fearless!! We have a truly phenomenal unit of teachers, doctors, stay-at-home-moms, nurses, managers, accountants, active military, veterans, principals, occupational therapists, a first lieutenant in the coast guard- and the list goes on!! We come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and circumstances-but we all have one thing in common...we strive for excellence and we have a vision that extends past ourselves! We are already making an impact. We've earned over 9 FREE cars-most recently, the Pink Cadillac XT5! Last year we sold over $480,000 in retail product, and we are on track to have our biggest year ever!!! We have women working their businesses at the hobby level, part time level, and full time level (about 20 hours a week). Everyone works with excellence. One thing that sets our unit apart is the amount of women choosing to take the leadership route-not only changing their families lives-but making an even greater impact throughout their communities!

I truly believe you can go anywhere you'd like with this business if you are willing to work with a great attitude! The training and support is here! I'm excited to watch our journey unfold as we help women to expand their minds and change their worlds!!

"The mind once expanded, can never go back!" -isn't it the truth!!??

Our mission is to reach out past ourselves and make another woman feel important, and face by face, we start on an exponential journey of increasing the value of those around us! What we do is simple...is life changing...and we have a whole lot of fun doing it!

Here on this site, you'll find lots of great information that will help support you in becoming the BEST beauty consultant you can be!! I am 100% commited to your success-so please reach out at any time!! And, welcome to the F.I.R.E. Unit where we are Fearless in Reaching Excellence!!

If you are here checking into what Mary Kay is all about, I'd love to hear from you as well!! Please don't hesitate to send your questions my way!

With love, respect, and excitement for the future,

Abigail Quinn